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I’ve always really loved music and choir has always been a big part of my life. Crescent Youth Choir is a place for me to go and connect with myself and others through music. Choir has taught me how to sing as a team and enjoy every moment of it.
— Zoë Christie, Crescent Youth Choir
I found my way back to singing this past year, after over a decade hiatus. Samara and the members of the Crescent Women’s Choir have been so welcoming. It has been such a joy to sing every week with these women, and be challenged and guided by Samara’s wonderful instruction. She pushes everyone to be the best they can all while being incredibly supportive and fun! I am so thankful to have found such a wonderful group with which I can share my love of music and singing.
— Jess Webb, Crescent Women's Choir
Even though I joined midway through the season, I felt welcomed into such a kind, loving environment. Singing with other people brings me so much joy and is such a great outlet. Choir is such an amazing place for everyone. It is welcoming, warm, and an amazing place to meet friends. Samara is amazing because she helps her students grow not only as singers but as people.
— Trey Foreman, Crescent Youth Choir
Choir has shown me how to take something that seems like an individual activity and put it into a new light, using friendships and a shared love of music to come together and create a beautiful sound. I have been so lucky to be a musical mentor to Lux Children’s Choir and to watch these kids grow in their musical ability and love for choir. I continue to grow more and more every week and find myself excited to go back to choir every time!
— Emma Verret, Crescent Youth Choir
I joined Crescent Women’s Choir just this past September after my friend encouraged me to join with her. I’m so glad I did! I think there’s a special sort of magic that happens when a group of people sing together. Choral singing is good for the soul and I’m so happy to be a part of that again.
— Courtenay Chow, Crescent Women's Choir
Choir has been an important part of my life since childhood. I feel like I’ve found my choir ‘home’ since starting with Luna and Crescent Women’s Choir. I have learned so much from Samara! I am so lucky to get to spend 3 hours each week singing and laughing with this wonderful group of women!
— Megan Loxterkamp, Crescent Women's Choir
I love choir. I look forward to rehearsal nights every week. It is an opportunity to gather with my choir family and our lovely director, Samara, and free our souls through singing. Music is great therapy and provides enjoyment to those who sing and to those who gather to listen to us in concert. Samara is able to bring out the best in us and we all love her for that.
— Sharon Walls, Crescent Women's Choir
I’ve had an amazing year with the Crescent Youth Choir. It’s a great group of people and we’ve grown super close working as a team. Samara and Andrew are fantastic leaders who are approachable and easy to connect with. Rehearsals are always lots of fun, and we work hard to be the best we can be.
— Josh Bogert, Crescent Youth Choir
Music has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. Childhood church choirs, school choirs where participation was expected, led to my own expectation that singing, and music in many forms would become a core value for me. Music for me allows expression of the soul, creativity, and choral singing specifically is a beautiful example of the collaboration this world so much needs. Many unique voices, weaving together a unified sound. Singing with Samara seems so natural as I’ve had the joy of seeing her grow up in the community of White Rock Children’s Choirs and develop her own musical gift. It’s wonderful to see her now impart that gift to others. She brings amazing musical expertise in fun yet challenging ways to singers at all different levels of singing. This past season has been one of learning new music, enjoying familiar pieces, and having the opportunity to sing a variety of voices. Choir always lifts my spirit even when it been a tiring day at work. I come away feeling lighter, energized and joyful!
— Ingrid Baerg, Crescent Women's Choir
With this year being my last, spending a weekend at Loon Lake with the Crescent Choir family has led me to reflect on all that I have learned and experienced over the four years I have been in choir. While singing in choir has definitely improved my musicianship, it has also led to life-long friendships. The effort we put into preparing for concerts is expressed not only by being able to sing our parts but also in the respectful ways we treat each other. This results in a very welcoming and homey environment that I am grateful to be a part of. This space would not have been possible, however, if it were not for the work and love that Samara and Andrew put into Crescent Choirs. Samara and Andrew care deeply about us and many times I wonder how they have so much love to share. To me, Crescent Choirs is a space that has contributed to my growth as a person; it is a space that has taught me the value of friendship, and it is a space where I always feel welcome.
— James Ho, Crescent Youth Choir
I love choir: Our director, the music and my fellow choir members. Samara leads our practices with patience, humour and a firm hand to keep all of us women on track. My knowledge of music and singing has increased extensively. I never realized the intricacies of singing. I love the sound of our voices blending and moving, under the leadership of Samara. I wish for other women and children to have the joy of working with Samara.
— Wendy McGillivray, Crescent Women's Choir
In Youth Choir, I have met so many wonderful and talented people and have gotten to know some of my older friends even better. Singing in front of people, and performing in general, is something I was always very nervous about. But I quickly noticed how singing with others makes performing easier.
— Aidan Reilly, Crescent Youth Choir
I joined midway through the season and I felt welcomed into such a kind, loving environment. Choir is a great place to meet new people and connect with people that love the same things as you. Everyone in choir is really nice and I look forward to choir every week. Choir is not only a place for you to learn music, but also to make life long friendships that you would never forget.
— Catherine Du, Crescent Youth Choir

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